We are dedicated to individuals ready to commit to excellence in both their fitness and approach to life.

Build  your  Endurance,  Strength,  and  Confidence.


You may start classes anytime. If you start classes anytime other than the first day of scheduled classes during the month, you will be responsible for the full monthly payment; OR you may wait until the first scheduled day of training on the next calendar month to receive a full month’s benefit.

**Be sure to indicate your intended start date on the registration form.

All new members will receive a SWATPT dryfit shirt and SWATPT water bottle.  All members will be required to wear the issued shirts during class and carry water.  Members are asked to wear black or gray shorts/tights and running shoes.


- New Members (One time payment) - $45
- Monthly Dues - $99
- Three Month Dues - $267  ($30 savings)
- Six Month Dues - $474   ($120 savings)
- One Year Dues - $708   ($480 savings)
- Police Officers - $59 / mo.


Street Address:


Contact Phone:


Download your Registration Form and Waiver

You must complete a registration and waiver form if you have not done so before and mail them to the address listed on the form.

We will take payment at class and will have extra forms if you do not have any filled out.