We are dedicated to individuals ready to commit to excellence in both their fitness and approach to life.

"When Seconds Matter,
Response Makes a Difference"

Premier Response Tactics
Training / Consulting

30 years Law Enforcement
23 years in Tactical Response Operations

Preparing Individuals, Businesses, Schools, and Universities to Challenge thought processes in the event of a potentially life-threatening situation in any environment.

  • If you find yourself in the midst of an Armed Intruder event or Active Shooter situation, you must be prepared.
  • Your SAFETY MUST COME FIRST. Shocking Statistics show that even when Law Enforcement was present or able to respond within minutes, civilians often had to make life and death decisions. Therefore, they should be engaged in training and discuss decisions that may face.

We offer Customer based Interactive Response Workshops that cover a multitude of Safety Tips and suggestions to increase your chance of survival and can supplement current Lock-Down/Emergency Operations Plans.

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