We are dedicated to individuals ready to commit to excellence in both their fitness and approach to life.

Build  your  Endurance,  Strength,  and  Confidence.


SWATPT has been working with Houstonians for 15
years and is run by fulltime/part-time SWAT officers who share the responsibility of instructing our members.  

We are on call 24/7 and our first and highest priority is the protection of the public.  As such, there are occasions when duty calls us away. This is rare but unavoidable if a crisis unfolds in our city.  Fortunately, we have seasoned members who are more than capable and willing to provide a great workout. 

SWATPT is a bootcamp styled workout with many exciting Real Life Practical Physical Challenges mixed-in. Our Instructors are very creative and enthusiastic. 

Classes are one hour long and include stairs, hills, calisthenics, plyometrics, and team building.
We accommodate the beginner as well as those looking for a rigorous fast paced workouts.

WE LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND.  We are built upon Motivation and encouragement. 
We meet in front of the Fonde Recreation Center at 110 Sabine Street in Houston Texas.